• Parish Website Needs

    5 Things Every Parish Website Should Have in 2015

    Every year it’s important to assess your website to understand things that work and don’t work. With Easter season’s arrival, now is the perfect time to renew your website for some “spring cleaning.” In this article, we will go over......

  • Girl on laptop searching for video resources

    5 Best Video Resources for Youth Ministry

    In the age of digital media, having high quality and relevant content is essential to effectively ministering to the youth. Teens are surrounded by social media and its fast-paced nature, so it’s only natural for them to develop low attention......

  • Nobis Media website launch

    Nobis Media Website Launch!

    Welcome to our new website and our very first post! Here at Nobis Talk, we hope to bring you the latest in Christian news, buzz, blogs, reflections, and so much more. Stay updated to our daily Talk by subscribing to......