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Welcome to Nobis Media. We’re digital missionaries that understand the value of growing online ministries. We’ve been there, and now we’re here to help. Having experience as Youth Ministers, we know the difficulties that churches go through when it comes to online media. So we’ve come together to use our talents to help churches evangelize online.

Chapter One: Our Mission

Building your ministry online. There is an alarming gap between churches and web media. Too often, we’ve encountered poorly made websites and bad social media management. These lead to ineffective digital evangelization. We want to bridge that gap and make it easy for you.

Chapter Two: Our Goal

Providing a quality product to all ministries that is affordable and simple to use. If that phrase doesn’t excite you, it’s time to re-think your tactics. The cost of expanding your ministry online doesn’t have to be expensive, nor does it require a web genius at your parish. We envision a world where Christian leaders can work on their mission without having to worry about building your ministry online.

Chapter Three: Our Strategy

Optimizing New Media. We have three phases to our strategy: cultivating your brand, creating a powerful website, and implementing organic marketing tools. Simply put, we call our process “New Media Optimization.” Our method is specifically designed to meet the needs of churches.


When you choose Nobis Media for your ministry, you choose passion and commitment. We love what we do and we deliver craftsmanship into every project. If you’re ready to take your ministry to the next level, evangelize with us.


One plan. One price. $99/month.

We know pricing is the first thing you think  about. So it only makes sense that it should be the first thing we mention.


Websites and marketing services can be expensive upfront costs, and elaborate ones are even more so. Instead of charging you thousands of dollars, we offer you premium services that can fit your budget.

Our low-cost subscription plan provides you with the ability to afford an effective online ministry program.


Our goal is to make this as easy as possible for you. There are countless amount of web design companies that offer multiple packages, making it too confusing to understand. So instead of throwing you a bunch of different tiered plans, we keep it simple with one plan. Your job isn’t to determine how to make your church grow online; that’s for us to handle.

And after all, the size of your church shouldn’t dictate the importance of your online presence. We don’t discriminate like other companies. Whether you’re a 10-man ministry or a 1,000-strong church, let’s focus on what’s important: having successful online evangelization.

Now for the details.

What are you getting for this plan?

Three important aspects of having a great online presence:

  1. Branding optimization
  2. Website optimization
  3. SEO & Social Media optimization

Our product, New Media Optimization, focuses on all three of these aspects and ensures your website will be alive and not dead.

Click below to learn, in detail, the process of each of the three phases of our work.